Engagement Party (Indianapolis)

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These first few pictures are from the night before the party...
Leslie and Stout
EJ and my dad
Fred and Carin
Trent and Dana
Me and Matt.
I'm so glad I happened to be wearing that shirt. It makes for great pictures. Poor Christine had to walk through the airport with me that day.
The boys from 719 N. Indiana Avenue (our house in college)
Here we are again in what I think was supposed to be a "cool pose".
Some peeps standing around outside
The girls talk about girlie stuff while the men play manly pool
Stout: the pool masta!!
Oh, wait... did I say Stout was "the masta"?
Here I am with Dana and Stupid... err, I mean Leslie
The first picture from the actual party...
Christine and I with Aunt Jan. She's not technically my aunt, but 1) she's taken care of me for longer than I can remember and 2) my best friend up at the lake was her nephew, so he called her "Aunt Jan" all the time around me and it stuck.
Me with my Grandma Kay and Uncle Fred and Aunt Jackie
"I could marry her... or I could eat her. What to do? What to do?"
She's alive, so I guess he's still trying to decide.
My dad and I
Trent and I
State of the bad ass art
Christine, surrounded by her new family members
Lilly, being treated like the queen she is
Corey and Gretchen standing around the table.
Brenda, Mike, Gretchen and Corey
My dad and EJ with their friend, Sally
Lilly has honored me with a photo opportunity
Me and my future cousin Carin


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