SLUNT at Smith's Olde Bar

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Me with Abby before the show. Christine stalked her in the bathroom to make this happen.
Christine and I with Pat before the show. He told us to make a cool rock pose right as the flash went off. Too late obviuosly. No rock. No pose. Oh, well. Still cool.
Pat with another fan named Jerry. His camera broke, so we got some pics for him.
Christine with Charles before the show
Pat and Abby on stage
No description
Charles is in there somewhere. OK, imagine that every day, when you go to work and sit down, the hottest girl you've ever seen puts on some tight pants and stands in front of you the entire time. That's what it's like for Charles.
Abby and Ilsa
No description
The bass drum says it all
A shot of the whole stage
Another attempted shot of Charles. He's an illusive fucker.
Pat and Ilsa
Ilsa singing
Shots! Since I can't remember what was said, let's just assume she's toasting the awesome fans right in front of the stage.
No description
Pat playing directly over us (we were close)
"No, Pat. You're left hand goes… yeah, there ya go."
That girl belongs on a stage
Flash didn't go off, but I kinda like it
Same as the last one
Christine calls this one "Never Gonna Happen". I call her "Negative Nancy".
Abby and Scott
Ilsa and Christine
Jocelyn getting signed
The best part about this is that she had to go to the doctor the next day still covered in band signatures
Christine and I with SLUNT
No description


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