Bryan and Kirsten's Wedding

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Scott in a familiar pose, accompanied by his partner in nicotene slavery, Christine
Rob, Kristi and Scott - kickin' it at the hotel pool
Scott, Kristi and Christine just before the ceremony
The view from the hill where the ceremony took place
Rob and Christine after the ceremony
Kristi and Scott after the ceremony
Rob and Scott outside the reception
Some train tracks outside the reception. Why is this picture here? Well, do you feel enriched and more at peace now that you've looked at it? Thought so. Don't question me again.
Christine at the reception. Damn.
Christine talking to Kirsten
Scott, Bryan (the groom) and Rob
OK, so no one specifically said we weren't allowed to touch the swan, but it still felt like we were getting away with something.
Kristi next to the ice swan. Is she... afraid to touch it? Hmmm?
Let's see how you like it, buddy! (Actually, I think this was a picture of Christine gone horribly wrong)
Scott and Kristi at the reception
Gee. Where did Scott and Christine go?
They may look big, but they take their orders from the little white sticks.
Tonight's festivities have been brought to you by Tanqueray and Tonic
The morning after. Time to pay.
Psyche! I can't wait to greet the day!


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