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This was done by a friend named Jason for a Photoshop contest when we were in college. That's my face on Michael Jackson, if you couldn't tell.
I did this one of my friend Nate while goofing around during the contest. It wasn't my final entry.
I asked for DVDs for my birthday and some of my smart-ass friends took that to mean "Dark Vibrating Dildo". Very funny. Anyway, they removed the cardboard insert from the package and modified it before they gave it to me. It was done by Scott Riggle. I didn't know him at the time, but he applied for a job with us and I got to interview him. He was pretty uncomfortable. :) We hired the wanker though.
Another Scott Riggle project. The original picture (left) was on my desk. He stole it while I was out one day, scanned it, and replaced Christine with the hottie you see on the right.
Another Scott Riggle creation. It looks totally fake.
Riggle has way too much time on his hands. I wonder if Adobe would like to know what software was used to make this picture...


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