Tennessee, March 2003

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Our hosts for the weekend, Dave and Jill. Word.
Dave, Scott and Rob (me) on the front porch.
Scott and Kristi
About to get out of Jill's Jeep.
The girls say "hi" to Jed.
Jed and Buffy meet for the first time. Damn, Buffy. Not even a year old and she already knows how to get on a man's good side.
Jill and Jed share a moment.
The new puppy, Cooper.
Here is a Cooper/Dave size comparison.

...and also, Chrsitine (who took this picture) is obsessed with butts.
Some goats.
The camera came out pretty late, but here we are around the table Friday night.
Getting later. I wonder if Scott has a companion photo from his camera... or maybe he just fell on his face 2 seconds after this.
Playin' some cards. Looks like it's Mushroom.
More sitting around the table.
The rest of us just wanted some quiet time in the woods to reflect on life, but nooooo... Dave had to get into the sauce.
Scott and Kristi with a little smooch.
I got Christine to stop saying "Horsie! Horsie! Horsie!" long enough to take this picture.
Shelly and Christine chatting while everyone gets ready.
...which, by the way, takes a very long time.
Time to go off-road while the girls ride. This is a gap we had to cross. To make the path wide enough, we had to throw a bunch of rocks in one side. This required us to put down our beers. I don't like to talk about it.
It's kinda hard to see, but here's Scott driving over our creation.
Shortly after crossing the gap, we ran into the girls and took a break.
Here's an old abandoned house in the woods where we were driving.
The house from the back.
Scott gets the prize for "Creepiest Discovery of the Weekend". It's an old doll rotting in the woods. You can still make out the feet and the body is all covered in moss. The only reason he didn't run away squealing was that he was in mid-whiz.
This is a well that was found a little deeper into the woods. It's very old and very well built, so there.
A view down the well.
Some Saturday night grillin'. That beef was walking around the day before. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Chris explains what would happen to an attacker with this particular gun.
Christine tries out the .380. She likes it of course because it's "wittle and cute". Funny. I like her for the same reasons.
Here I am shooting the bad-ass Benelli shotgun. Remember Christine's butt obsession? Guess who took this picture.
Dave helping Christine out with the ear-muffs.
Christine shooting the Benelli. I'm going to marry her.
Sneaky assasin Christine - trying out the .22 rifle.
Well, so much for the assasin image.
I don't know how well it comes across, but this is the distance we were shooting from (at the board standing up). A couple of us were able to nail a beer can with a .357 [total luck] from here.
Here's the entire group, showing our love of the Second Amendment.
Scott, Kristi, Frank, Kristen, Drew, Shelley, Dave, Jill, Christine, Rob


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