Tennessee, September 2003

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Food. Beer. Talk.
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OK, fuck this thing. The only reason we let it live is that we were afraid of its wrath. If you can't tell, that's a big bug being wrapped up by an even bigger spider. If you have a 21" monitor, it should be about actual size.
Drew and Shelly playing Asshole... with Vodka? Damn.
I don't think we're taking this game very seriously. Well, Nick might be.
I think I'm pretending I love the whiskey or something. Since that very same bottle is just about as full as when this picture was taken, it's obviously not true.
Drew and Nick
Rob and Dave
Is anyone paying attention to this game?
"Oh no, he di'int! Fo' real?"
I don't remember what was going on here, but it was probably gross.
Is this a game of Mushroom or a picture of an awesome (and original) rock band? If you can't tell, why should I?
Yup. That's about all he's good for.
Christine goes for a risky drop on the far side. Drew waits for her to fuck up.
No matter what we're talking about, it's obvious from our faces that we're right and you, mystery person on the left, are wrong.
Nabber feels safe flashing his gang signs in the middle of Tennessee.
Just plain hot.
Do I look like that because I have longer arms than everyone else, or am I just a goofy shit?
This might seem like a pointless picture, but further inspection will reveal that it's comedy gold. Look in the background and you'll see women trying to read a map. Ha. You can't make this stuff up.
Rob: "I reckon we ought to shoot sumthin'."
Nabber: "Yep. I reckon."
Blam! (Christine was good a catching the shell casings in mid-air.)
Coming soon: Blam!
Ummm. The best explanation I can give is "it was there, and we had a shotgun".
"I don't smoke... but my cigarettes do."
(That's much funnier if you get the reference to those shirts that gay people wear - which you don't or I wouldn't have to explain it. OK, sorry I wasted your time.)
Jill and Nick


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