Space shuttle Columbia disaster

February 8, 2003

I knew that when the shuttle carrying the first Israeli was destroyed, some Muslims would say God did it for the glory of Islam. The Iraqi government has no doubt that this is the "beginning of Allah's punishment". Abu Hamza al-Masri enlightens us by pointing out that the shuttle's destruction was a "divine act". The shuttle "was a trinity of evil against Muslims, because it contained Americans, an Israeli and a Hindu". He went on to say wonderful things about America in general: "But we ask God to destroy that nation which harms Muslims anyway. If He does, then it's a blessing."

That's tough talk, but how about a reality check? As far as your third-world, piss ant, backward countries are concerned, the United States of America is God. And God isn't very happy with you right now. Maybe the next time you kneel down to pray, you should think about facing West.

By the way [insert name of any Muslim country here], how is everything going with your space program?

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