Private companies are big pussies!

June 21, 2004

If the government wants to know what you've been buying, so they go to your grocery store and ask for the data from their "discount card" database, do you think the grocery store will refuse and stand up for your rights? Well, they won't. If the government goes to OnStar and asks them to provide them access to audio from your vehicle, will OnStar respond with the requisite "Hey, fuck you!"? Not a chance. Notice in the OnStar case, it's the courts that are standing in the way (temporarily) of the FBI, not the company itself. I mean, come on... look at my last entry about bars being told when to close or the entry about smoking bans from last February. These business owners won't even stand up to the government when it's their own freedom on the line. You think they're going to stick their neck out for you? No way. They're what Sean Riley would call vagina-human hybrids.

I don't have anything constructive to say about this one. Just needed to do some name calling. Hey, business owners! You suck.

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