I don't want to hear it

July 27, 2006

Whenever Israel starts attacking the violent animals that surround them, you can be sure that the media will side with the bad guys. The latest offensive against Hezbollah is no different and there are a few things I'm tired of hearing.

  1. Israel is making life miserable for Lebanese civilians.

    I don't know how to textually represent mock crying or "the world's smallest violin", but assume you're hearing one or the other from me right now.

    Yes, in the process of killing terrorists that hide among civilian populations, Israel has harmed or killed many civilians on accident. Hezbollah, on the other hand, has been firing rockets into Israel non-stop. What are they aiming at? Civilians and nothing but civilians. The only time Hezbollah goes after a military target is when the Israeli military happens to wander 6 inches in front of their face and leaves them no choice. The rest of their energy they dedicate toward killing civilians on purpose. Let's not forget that Lebanese civilians have been playing host to terrorists for decades. And we're supposed to be upset with Israel here?

  2. Israel's response is disproportionate, an overreaction, etc.

    Bullshit. Israel's enemies have stated in very plain language, and on multiple occasions, that they will accept nothing less than the total destruction of Israel. They want all of Israel's people dead and they want all of the land for themselves.

    Now tell me: What can Israel possibly do that would be considered an overreaction to that?

    Nothing! If Israel were to hunt down and kill every Muslim in the Middle East and claim the territory for themselves, it would be an equal reaction. A fair reaction. So how can this relatively minor military action be considered overzealous (unless you're rooting for the terrorists)?

  3. Israel killed some U.N. observers on purpose.

    I doubt it, but if they did, so what? The U.N. is 100% in Hezbollah's corner. Why shouldn't Israel treat them as a hostile institution? The U.N. never expresses solidarity with Israel in their fight to survive the way they do with her enemies.

    Not only that, but what do you think those "observers" were there to observe? It was a total fishing expedition. They were sent to Lebanon to watch Israel like a hawk and look for any tiny thing that they could hang a "war crimes" charge on. Bunch o' ass masters if you ask me.

  4. Israel can't throw Palestinians out of Jerusalem because it holds religious significance for Muslims as well as for Christians and Jews.

    This hasn't specifically come up in the current skirmish, but Jerusalem has always been a sticking point in the larger conflict. Here's what I think. If a bunch of violent animals tell you that you have to respect certain sites because of their religious importance, there are only two possibilities:

    1. The violent behavior of these jerk-offs runs completely counter to the principles of their supposed religion, so there's no reason to take them seriously when they tell us what's sacred to them.
    2. Their violent behavior is perfectly in line with the principles of their religion, which means their religion sucks and we shouldn't think twice about what happens to its symbols and historic sites.

    Either way, Israel should be able to control Jerusalem and do whatever they want there.

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