Don't Elect Susie

April 4, 2007

I couldn't believe this crap when I saw it on CNN this morning.

I know that if I kick the shit out of my TV, Susie isn't going to buy me a new one, so I'm going to try using words instead.

The central question posed to a statue of Abraham Lincoln is

Is there one good reason why our rich nation can't provide all children health insurance?

How about two reasons:

  1. It's wrong.
  2. It won't work.

Sit down, Susie. I'm going to try to correct the damage your socialist parents have done. The first thing you need to be aware of is that statues can't talk (or hear your questions for that matter). I thought they covered that in Kindergarten, if not sooner.

The second thing you need to know is that "our nation" is not rich. Individuals are rich. The only person with the authority to decide how money is allocated is the person who earned it. If they choose to use some of their money to help others, that's wonderful, but they're certainly not obligated to do so. And if you're referring to "our government" when you say "our nation", they aren't rich either. They are in fact penniless unless they confiscate money from those individuals I've been talking about.

Before I go further, I'd like to ask you a question: Where are all the children dying in the streets due to a lack of health care? Even in the mound of anecdotal bullshit --- Excuse me. Don't repeat that word. Even in the collection of stories on your web site, all I see are people with no insurance, or difficulty dealing with their insurance, but all of them seem to be getting the care they need. But let's imagine the worst… Let's say that a person had to go without health care. Would you rather it be due to unfortunate circumstances (like not being able to afford it) or due to the whim of some bureaucrat somewhere?

The third and final thing I want you to learn about today is the psychology of all those "rich" people. You see Susie, people in this country go out and try to get rich because they've somehow gotten it into their heads that if they make a lot of money, they'll be able to keep that money and spend it on themselves and the people they love. If we were to take that money from them and use it for things we think are important, they will decide that there's no point in earning all that money in the first place. The money you plan to use to help children will be gone. (Perhaps one of your teachers can tell you about the goose that laid the golden eggs.)

Now, your parents might try to say that these people are "greedy" for wanting to keep the money they earn for themselves. But your parents want to take the very same money from these people by force, so ask yourself: Who's really being greedy --- people that want to earn money or people that want to take money? Your parents might have also suggested that helping others using the money that rich people earn is necessary to bring about "social justice". Now, you should always be calm and show respect when speaking to your elders, but you need to explain to them that when a person is forced to work for another's benefit rather than their own benefit, we don't call that "justice". We call it slavery. (Perhaps you should have a dictionary nearby in case they have trouble understanding you.) Your parents might try to argue that it's OK because people are allowed to benefit from some of their labor, or even most of their labor, but they're really just trying to make themselves feel better. The truth is that no amount of slavery is acceptable and no amount of slavery can be tolerated.

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