Gay marriage

November 19, 2003


According to me, the definition of marriage is "the union of a man and a woman". Should "gay marriage" be legal? To me, that's like asking if leprechauns should be allowed to vote or if people should be allowed to walk to the Sun. Why are we arguing about the laws concerning things that can't happen?

The problem with the question of whether or not gay marriage should be legal is that it requires an answer from the government. The definition of marriage should be left up to the beliefs of the people getting "married". Like I said, according to my definition of marriage, two women couldn't possibly get married, so the legality of such an activity is irrelevant, but why should other people be bound to my definitions?

Marriage is not a state institution, so we should not be looking to the state for definition or permission. Like any other contract, the terms should be left up to the people involved.

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