Our Teachers' Unions Like, Such As

September 26, 2007

I'd like to answer the question posed to Miss Teen South Carolina. I'm not out to make fun of her. It's been done to death. Besides, I don't even know if I'm necessarily smarter than her. I've just had a lot more time to learn about these things and I've had weeks to think about the question. So, why can't a large percentage of "U.S. Americans" locate the United States on a map?

Because of Teachers' Unions. See, the Unions' priorities are:

  1. Get a high salary for teachers
  2. Increase job security for teachers
  3. Push our pet liberal causes on everyone's kids
  4. Teach the kids something

I have no problem with their #1 priority. It's natural to work for your own self interest. I work for me and you probably work for you. What our education systems should do is make sure our #1 (teach the kids) and their #1 (make money) are inseparable. You teach, you get paid. You teach well, you get paid more.

But that's not what the Unions do. The Unions have a completely different philosophy. They want to make sure a teacher's salary and job security can never be jeopardized by his behavior -- and it's working. Their success is evident in our inability to locate the U.S. on a map, or to explain what causes seasons, or to identify what's larger between an electron and an atom, and in our relative place in international education rankings.

I could keep going, but you know I'm right.

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