And I thought I had seen ridiculous before...

December 29, 2003

Take a look at this "article".

I'm going to leave the main subject of the article alone. I think it makes fun of itself very nicely without my help.

I just want to draw your attention to a sentence in the last paragraph:

I'm so glad that the Dwarfs [sic], Elves and Hobits [sic] finally got their due but unfortunately this was washed away by the lack of heroic images of people of skin color.

It has long been known that liberals will overlook historical facts if they make white males look good, but listen to this guy. He's saying that it's important to portray any group other than white males as heroes even if they're fucking imaginary! And what's with the insinuation that Dwarves, Elves and Hobbits had historically been oppressed before Tolkien "finally" represented them in a positive light? They aren't real. Even in the imaginary world of Middle Earth it would appear that, if anything, the Elves were oppressing everyone, including the men. Oh my God - why am I even thinking it out that far? This is retarded. I'm done.

Is this the attitude of the left? Have they really taken things so far that the derided "white European males" don't even rank above a fictional race? I have to give the majority of liberals the benefit of the doubt and hope that even they aren't this far gone.

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