"War is not the answer"

February 11, 2003

I've started to see these blue and white signs around my neighborhood that simply say "War is not the answer". I don't take much for granted, so I have to wonder... What's the question?

Islamic idiots all around the world have sworn to kill Americans whenever and wherever they can until our evil nation has been wiped from the Earth. They can't be reasoned with or appeased. As long as they draw breath, they will be trying to come up with ways to kill us, and they will occasionally succeed. So, the question is "How do we kill them before they kill us?" If war is not the answer, then I don't know what is. I guess if they let us kill them without fighting back, it wouldn't technically be a war. You think they'd go for it? Ha ha. Alright, you stupid hippies, if war is not the answer, can I see a yard sign with your brilliant alternative...? Anyone...? I'll settle for a bumper sticker. Hello? Here are some actual responses from peace demonstrators.

If I know liberals (and I do, because I was 3 years old once), their statement assumes an entirely different question: "How do we get everyone to like us?" In that case, they are right. War is not the answer. But, how is that relevant if getting along with these crazies, let alone making them like us, is not an available course of action? First of all, liberals don't even like the United States. I'd love to hear their master plan for convincing the world that the U.S. is OK, when they don't even believe it themselves. Second, as long as America is richer, happier, and better at everything in every way, people are going to hate us. Have you heard a single Islamic terrorist say "We hate America and, God willing, we will strike down the infidels... but those folks in Berkley have shown us so much understanding. They will be spared"? Hell, no! We can try to appease our enemies with aid, food, lax immigration procedures, "understanding", and other concessions, but they will never like us. They will simply rejoice when these concessions inevitably turn us into a fellow third-world nation.

I hate the fact that these idiots are referred to as the "anti-war" movement. I'm anti-war. In fact, I don't think I've ever met anyone who wasn't anti-war. Hardly anyone likes the idea, but when it comes to choosing between the safety of myself and my country and not going to war (or in the present case, not fighting back after the war has already begun), I'll choose safety. The thing that separates the peace demonstrators from the rest of us is not that they're against war, but that they're against our own safety. I will henceforth call them the "anti-safety" movement.

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