Why do they hate us?

December 3, 2002

First of all, let's not let the liberal lamenting over why they hate us take our focus off of this Ann Coulter column. Ha ha. That title is so funny.

There are lots of theories as to why the U.S. is so hated by radical Islam. I don't agree with our "buttinsky" foreign policy, but that doesn't mean that I buy the theory that so many countries are shit-holes because of something we did. In my opinion, they hate us because they are poor and miserable and we're not. We have McDonald's, Playboy and Disney World. We have running water everywhere we go, yet we pay money for water in bottles. We have TVs all over our houses and there are hundreds of channels on them. We have hot chicks in skimpy clothes all over the place and we don't hate ourselves for looking at them (and we don't have to beat the women to make it OK again). Some of our so called "poor people" are obese, for cryin' out loud!

So, what is the Arab world's response to these differences? Learn from our success and try to emulate it? Well, of course not. The thing to do when you're worse off than someone is to hate them and try to bring them down with you. Think about this: There are thousands of radical Muslims that are willing to die - to give their life - just to harm America in some small way. How many are willing to die to make their own country better off? How many have even lifted a finger to improve life for their people?

Look retards, if you want to have the same archaic form of government and barbaric social institutions that you had 1,000 years ago, that's your choice. But don't be surprised if you end up with the same standard of living that people had 1,000 years ago. And don't take your frustration out on someone else, just because they moved on and found a better way of life.

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